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7 fun coffee sayings

Coffee is more than just a drink; it is a global culture, a daily ritual and a universal language that connects people around the world. Although the ingredients for a cup of coffee are the same everywhere, the way people express their love for this caffeinated brew varies considerably from country to country. Let's take a journey through the fascinating world of coffee expressions and discover how people around the world share their passion for coffee.

  1. Italy: "Un caffè per favore!"

The country known for its espresso has a simple yet powerful coffee expression: “Un caffè per favore!” (A coffee, please!). Italians take their espresso seriously and often order it without sugar or milk. It's an expression of pure, unadulterated caffeine love.

  1. Turkey: "Türk kahvesi içelim mi?"

In Turkey, drinking coffee is a social event. The invitation to drink coffee, "Türk kahvesi içelim mi?" (Shall we drink Turkish coffee?), is a sign of hospitality and friendship. Preparing Turkish coffee is an art in itself, and the way the coffee grounds settle in the cup can be used to predict the future.

  1. Ethiopia: "Bunaa!"

As the origin of coffee, Ethiopia has a deep love for black gold. "Bunaa!" is an exclamation of joy and welcome when you are offered coffee somewhere. The ritual of sharing coffee is an important part of Ethiopian culture, and it is often done with friends and family.

  1. Mexico: "¿Quieres café?"

In Mexico, coffee is an essential part of the morning routine. Offering coffee with the simple question "¿Quieres café?" (Do you want coffee?) is a sign of affection and caring. Coffee is often accompanied by delicious sweet rolls or tamales.

  1. Finland: "Kahvi, kiitos!"

In the country with the highest coffee consumption per person, coffee is both a daily habit and a cultural phenomenon. The Finns say "Kahvi, kiitos!" (Coffee, please!) to indicate that they want to take a break and have coffee together. Coffee breaks are an integral part of the working day in Finland.

  1. United States: "I'll take a venti, please!"

On the other side of the ocean, the United States has its own coffee culture, with a love for large mugs of coffee with creative names. "I'll take a venti, please!" is a common expression in American coffee houses, where people choose from a range of sizes, flavors and additions.

  1. Colombia: "Tinto, por favor."

In the country known for its high-quality coffee beans, "Tinto, por favor" is a common expression. Tinto is a simple, black coffee sold on the street and often enjoyed with friends and colleagues .


The love for coffee unites people all over the world, regardless of language or culture. Whether you enjoy an Italian espresso, Turkish coffee with friends, or an American latte on the go, coffee brings people together and expresses the universal need for warmth, conversation and a caffeine kick. So, however you order or drink your coffee, remember that you are part of a global community of coffee lovers who understand and appreciate the language of coffee.

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