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Culinary Limburg, which will make your jaw drop

Today we take you on a tasty journey through the culinary traditions of Limburg, which are not only known locally but are also appreciated throughout the Netherlands.

  • pie of Limburg
  • Limburg is best known for its delicious pie! The authentic Limburg pie has a thin base of yeast dough with a delicious filling in various flavors, such as cherries, apricots, plums, apples and of course the famous rice pie. There are also more luxurious variants with biscuit or puff pastry, filled with cream, mousse, bavarois, fruit, foam, and more.

    In Limburg there are many real bakers who cherish the craft of baking. It is definitely worth tasting this traditional delicacy, accompanied by a delicious mug of coffee!

  • Limburg sour meat
  • Then there is the Limburg pickled meat, called zoervleish in the dialect. Sour meat is a typical Limburg stew, consisting of beef or horse meat that is pickled in vinegar with various herbs and finished with a delicious sauce with syrup and gingerbread. It is usually served with fries.

  • Limburg Asparagus
  • Limburg is also known for the Limburg asparagus, also known as white gold. Spring is celebrated by the Limburgers with asparagus, served with ham and egg, potatoes and a hollandaise sauce, a real pleasure. Drink it with a pinot gris or pinot blanc or a light chardonnay and you will taste spring on your tongue.

  • Limburg Soup
  • For soup lovers there is the Limburg mustard soup, soup made from Limburg mustard, potatoes, leek and bacon. A local tradition for enthusiasts.

  • Limburg Cheese
  • Limburg cheeses are also very popular, especially the stinky cheese. This is also called ''sjtink-kies'' in the dialect. This cheese has a strong taste and smell and is eaten with rye bread and syrup.

  • Nonnevotten
  • Carnival or Vasteloavend, the festival of the south. During this annual tradition, nonnevots are eaten. It is made from sweetened fried dough and finished with powdered sugar. This is part of the crazy days and is certainly a delicacy.

  • Els la vera
  • This name stands for a typical Limburg liqueur, belonging to the herbal bitters. La Vera means the real Els liqueur. If you order Limburg coffee, there will certainly be ''an Elsje'' in it. Are you a real fan of Limburg products? Then take a look at our Limburg collection.

  • Famous restaurants and food events
  • Limburg has numerous well-known restaurants and food events that put the rich flavors in the spotlight.

    • Beluga in Maastricht is a Michelin star restaurant known for its refined cuisine and local ingredients,
    • Toine Hermsen is also known in Maastricht for its refined cuisine, with local and seasonal ingredients.
    • Château Neercanne, restaurant located in a castle known for its gastronomic delights.
    • T Preuvenemint is the largest food festival in the Netherlands, which takes place annually at the Vrijthof in Maastricht. It offers a wide range of dishes and drinks, from local specialties to international dishes.
    • In Maastricht there is also the appetizer tour, a culinary walk where you can taste various appetizers.
    • Asparagus festivals Arcen is also very famous where you can taste all kinds of creations!
    • Finally, food truck festivals are also very popular in Limburg, where visitors can enjoy different types of street food.

    It is therefore definitely recommended to go on a culinary journey of discovery in beautiful Limburg. Taste the Passion and experience the Tradition that Limburg has to offer.

    We hope you had fun reading this coffee blog. Do you still need a mug to drink your coffee from? or a gift for a loved one?

    Then view our Limburg collection!

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