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The magic of Christmas

We all know the story of Christmas, which celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, as described in the Bible, about 2,000 years ago in Bethlehem. Mary receives the message from the angel Gabriel that she will conceive by the Holy Spirit and give birth to a son, who will be called Jesus Christ and is the Son of God. Mary and her fiancé Joseph travel to Bethlehem for a census, but find no room in an inn, so they take refuge in a stable. In this stable Jesus is born and wrapped in swaddling clothes. In a field, an angel appears to shepherds and announces the birth of Jesus, leading them to the stable. Three wise men from the East, guided by a star, travel to Bethlehem to worship the newborn king, bringing gold, frankincense and myrrh.

The story of Christmas emphasizes the birth of Jesus and the importance of peace and love. For many people, Christmas is a warm, pleasant time of togetherness and love. Christmas is a specific feeling and is all about warmth, love, coziness, togetherness and, above all, family.

When the month of December arrives, the Christmas feeling begins: the feeling of warmth and love for each other. But how do you create a Christmas feeling? There are several traditions that evoke this feeling.

Christmas tree

Setting up and decorating the Christmas tree with baubles and lights brings coziness into the home, and decorating it brings togetherness and warmth.

Christmas presents

Giving presents to friends or family is a sign of affection and generosity and is an important part of Christmas.

Christmas dinner

A Christmas dinner is a special dinner with often several courses, consisting of traditional recipes accompanied by delicious wines.

Christmas lights
Streets, houses and public places are specially decorated with Christmas lights, which creates a festive atmosphere.

Christmas carols
Singing carols during Christmas celebrations adds to the festive atmosphere.

Christmas in church is special to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and has deep religious meaning for many people.

Advent calendars
Advent calendars are used to count down to Christmas. Every day a box is opened, often filled with gifts or chocolate.

Christmas markets
Christmas markets are organized in many places, where you can buy nice Christmas presents, taste Christmas delicacies and drink the famous Glühwein, and simply enjoy the conviviality and Christmas atmosphere.

Music and movies
Christmas films and Christmas songs contribute to the Christmas feeling, evoke memories from childhood and put you in a festive mood, creating a cozy atmosphere at home.

Good deeds
Many people participate in charity activities or try to help others during the Christmas season. Being kind and bringing peace among people is an essential part of the Christmas spirit, which not only gives a good feeling to yourself, but also to others.

The Christmas feeling is an experience that can mean something different for everyone, but is mainly associated with warmth and coziness. It is seen as a time of togetherness with family and friends, where sharing memories and beautiful moments gives a feeling of solidarity and love.

The magic of Christmas is a personal experience for everyone that is experienced and felt in a unique way, supported by different traditions. In our next blog I will tell you more about Christmas traditions, fun ideas and of course delicious recipes, and I will share my own experience of Christmas. Mokaholic also offers nice mugs in the Christmas spirit, as a gift or just to enjoy yourself during this merry Christmas time. Feel free to take a look and who knows, you might find something nice! Until the next blog and enjoy the coffee!

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