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Coffee recipes from all over the world

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world and is prepared and drunk in many different ways. We take you on a coffee exploration around the world, starting in Italy!


Espresso comes from Italy; The word 'espresso' comes from 'esprimere', which means 'to press'.

The development started in the 20th century. The first machine was invented in 1884 by Angelo Moriondo. The La Pavoni espresso machine was presented at the World Exhibition in Milan in 1906. This was an important moment in history. Espresso became popular in Italy and spread all over the world. It is a fundamental part of coffee culture.

How do you prepare espresso?

Grind freshly roasted coffee beans to a fine grind and prepare this in an espresso machine into a strong coffee shot. Serve the espresso in small cups and enjoy the hot, strong coffee.

Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee has a rich history, first entering the Ottoman Empire via trade routes in the 15th century. The first coffee houses, also called 'Kahvehane', opened their doors in Istanbul and other cities. Drinking coffee became a social event. Today, Turkish coffee remains an important part of Turkish culture.

How do you prepare Turkish coffee?

Take finely ground coffee, water, sugar and cardamom. Cook the ingredients in a special Turkish coffee pot over high heat. Pour the coffee into small cups together with the coffee grounds, and your Turkish coffee is ready.

Café au Lait

Café au lait, which means coffee with milk, originally comes from France.

In French culture, it is known for its simplicity and is often served in large bowls accompanied by a croissant, making it a popular breakfast.

How do you prepare Café au lait?

Take freshly roasted coffee and warm milk. Pour equal parts coffee and milk into a bowl, stir it together, grab your mug , and enjoy!

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

The French introduced coffee to Vietnam during their colonial rule.

Coffee quickly became popular and the Vietnamese adapted the French trickle filter method to suit their taste profile. One of the key elements that sets Vietnamese Iced Coffee apart is the use of condensed milk. Vietnam has a tropical climate, which made the Iced Coffee a popular drink and also a culinary tradition.

How do you prepare Vietnamese Iced Coffee?

Make strong drip coffee with a special drip filter. Add sweetened condensed milk, pour the coffee over ice cubes, and the delicious, refreshing Iced Coffee is ready.

Argentinian Yerba Mate

Yerba mate has its origins in the indigenous cultures of South America, particularly among the Guarani people. The Guarani discovered the yerba mate plant in the rainforest and used the leaves to make an infusion. This custom was adopted by Spanish conquerors who also started drinking mate, making it famous in Europe.

Mate became popular and spread in Argentina; mate became a national symbol and a social ritual.

How do you prepare Argentinian Yerba Mate?

It is prepared in a calabash with a metal straw. Make an espresso, mix it with milk, and add it to the yerba mate.

Greek Frappe

Its origins lie in the Thessaloniki International Fair in 1957, where the Nestle company demonstrated a chocolate milk powder prepared with milk in a shaker.

A company employee, Dimitrios Vakondios, wanted to make instant coffee and had no hot water. He used cold water and put it in the shaker, thus creating the Greek frappe. It became the national drink of Greece.

How do you prepare Greek Frappe?

Beat or shake instant coffee with water and possibly sugar until a frothy texture, pour the mixture over ice cubes in a glass, add milk to taste. Add a nice mug of coffee and enjoy!

I hope you enjoy this culinary experience and have fun with the recipes. View our funny mugs , perhaps a nice gift or perhaps for yourself.

Until next time!

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