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Say goodbye to disposable cups, buy a mug

With the new regulations in 2024 banning the use of disposable cups, it is time to reconsider our office coffee ritual. Mokaholic offers the perfect solution with their collection of funny and stylish mugs.

What is the most important information for this change?

  1. Ban on Disposable Cups from 2024 : In the Netherlands, a ban on the use of disposable cups in the office will be introduced as of January 1, 2024. This is in accordance with European regulations.

  2. Transition to Reusable Cups : Businesses are encouraged to switch to reusable cups such as ceramic, glass or reusable plastic mugs. The use of recyclable cups is permitted, but they must be properly collected and returned to be recycled effectively.

  3. Initiative by the House of Representatives : The House of Representatives has already taken action by purchasing 27 thousand euros worth of mugs and glasses. This is intended to replace 50,000 disposable cups every year, but currently causes inconvenience such as more washing up and irritation among employees.

  4. Environmental impact : According to Milieu Centraal, reusable cups are better for the environment than disposable cups after just one year, provided they are used correctly. This means that they are used several times a day and rinsed with cold water in between.

  5. Choice between Porcelain and Plastic : Companies are faced with the choice between porcelain and plastic cups. Porcelain has a longer lifespan and a classier appearance, but costs more CO2 to produce. Plastic cups don't last as long, but are more sustainable in production.

  6. Challenges and Solutions : The transition brings challenges such as the availability of sufficient dishwashers. Some companies conduct pilots with a limited number of employees to determine what works best.

  7. Annual Use in the Netherlands : In the Netherlands, 4 billion disposable cups are used annually, which emphasizes the need for this transition.

  8. Advice for Companies : Mariska Joustra from Milieu Centraal advises companies to give everyone their own mug and use it several times during the day.

Why a Mokaholic mug?

Mokaholic's range consists of mugs with unique and humorous texts that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. These mugs are a sustainable solution for disposable cups.

A Mug for Every Personality

We have different collections that can meet every wish.

NB! Our New Year's collection will be released on January 1. You are now the first to know this...

Whether you work from home or in the office, a Mokaholic mug is the ideal companion and a nice addition to your workplace.


The switch to reusable mugs is a necessary change in our daily lives. With Mokaholic's collection you can embrace this change with style and a smile. Choose sustainability and personality with a mug that suits you.

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